Board of Directors

President, Federico Prestileo

Ernst Geoffrey Vitters, General Manager.

Manuela Musoni, Board Member Operations

Cristina Musoni, Board Member

The Logistic and Transport activity of Effepierre Multiservizi Srl, started by an initiative of its Founder and today President, Federico Prestileo (FPR). After a career of nearly 20 years, at the guide of the Italian companies of two transport multinational giants, like Nedlloyd and Danzas, in June 2001, FPR decides that it is the moment for the definitive jump from management to entrepreneurship. The ambitious objective – exactly at the opposite of the expansionistic policy of the big Transport Groups -, has been to put the great experience and the knowledge achieved in the field, to the total service of the customers, recreating conditions of passion, quality and attention, often put aside by the competitors, mainly concentrated to their frenetical own growth. The corporate development plan made in the last decade, has realized a sort of “Rinascente of the transports”, where at each level, customers gained of the service of qualified professionals, experts of the various sectors of the fascinating world of the European distribution. It’s thanks to the important alliances and European partnerships made in the forwardings of temperature controlled cargo, in shipments of powders, liquids, general cargo and Logistics’ management, that Effepierre became a name and a brand of high respect in the Italian economic context. The management is always very careful to the choice and research of new partners, that once audited and tested can be added to the existing Effepierre’s qualified suppliers, in order to always meet the needs of the customers, who rightly wants to be at the center of the attention.