SQAS (Safety and Quality Assessment System)

20/02/2015: Effepierre Multiservizi achieves its SQAS accreditation
SQAS is a system to evaluate the quality, safety, security and environmental performance of Logistics Service Providers in a uniform way. This is done by a single standardized assessment, carried out by independent assessors, using a standard and very detailed questionnaire. The questionnaire is developed by Cefic, which is the The Chemical Industry Council, representing 29,000 large, medium and small chemical companies in Europe.
The SQAS assessment system helps Effepierre in being recognized by the Chemical Industry as an important and reliable partner, committed to identify and regularly improve eventual potential weak areas.

SQAS Attestation Effepierre 2015 (download)

Quality Policy.

Effepierre Logistics has decided to have among the primary objectives, its customer’s satisfaction.

Four are our main points of attention:

– Transport guarantee
– Punctuality
– Flexibility
– Care of the goods entrusted.

With the spirit of total customer satisfaction, the company continues its daily route to achieve that goal, trying to minimize the possible risks and potential mistakes. Knowledge and respect of the procedures and the processes, essential ingredients in the work of every day, associated with the awareness and importance of our certification, make a picture of such knowledge, that led the Company’s management to a continuous action to improve, by transferring methods and knowledge gained to all partners who work on behalf of the organization Effepierre Logistics.

Also for this reason, in addition to the certifications issued by IQNet and Certiquality, we wanted to do something more and become a quality evaluator of the management systems …