Thoughts about the members of Effepierre of customers and partners :

“I had the opportunity to work with Federico Prestileo during my activities in Exxon Chemical Mediterranea Spa while he was our biggest Logistics Supplier.
His capability to manage the relationships with our company and his attitude to make innovation in the process, allowed us to implement a strategic project to dramatically reduce the led time to serve our customers.
I appreciated the capability of Federico to always act to solve customer’s problem with high level managerial attitude. He is one of the best manager to work with in order to develop high level logistics projects.”
Top qualities: Great Results, Expert, High Integrity
June 18, 2009
Lelio Gavazza, Managing Director, Exxon Chemical Mediterranea


“The pleasure of working with Federico Prestileo comes forth from his capability to establish a long term friendship through his professionality mixed with a straight forward approach towards people and problems. Feeling at ease at all levels enables Federico to express his wonderfull personality and show his numerous skills in a very humble way.”
December 16, 2009
Ernst Geoffrey Vitters, Managing Director, Schmidt Italia



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