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– International Shipping, Logistics.

– Tanks, Silos, Fridges, Tarpaulins to and from Europe, including ADR.

The Logistics and Transport activity of Effepierre Multiservizi Srl was born from an initiative of its Founder and today President, Federico Prestileo (FPR). After a career of almost 20 years, at the helm of two multinational transport giants, such as Nedlloyd and Danzas, in June 2001, FPR decides that the time has come for the definitive leap from management to entrepreneurship.

It is thanks to important alliances and European operational partnerships created in the transport of goods at controlled temperatures, in the transport of liquids and powders, general goods and in Logistics, that Effepierre is a name and a brand of respect in the Italian economic panorama. . The management is always attentive in the choice and search for new partners, who are constantly joined to existing ones, to meet the needs of the most demanding customers.

– International shipments
– Tanks, Silos, Fridges, Tarpaulins to and from Europe, including ADR.


– Tanks and Tankcontainers for liquid products
– Silos for powdered and granulated products
– Refrigerators / Controlled temperature
– Tarpaulins, containers and swap bodies for packaged products

– Controlled temperature and ADR warehouses
– – Deposits and transfer operations from big bags to silos



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